• Baby Cashmere Merino Silk 4 ply
    This reassuringly delicate, soft and smooth yarn is the gentlest, natural blend next to baby’s skin. Made from cashmere, extra fine merino wool and silk, it has been created in the most adorable baby shades for girls and boys. This yarn is perfect for both hand knits and crochet garments for tiny babies and for the most exquisite baby blankets. This gorgeous yarn is made in Italy – naturally.
  • Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK
    This reassuringly delicate, soft and smooth yarn is the gentlest, natural blend next to baby’s skin. Made from cashmere, extra fine merino wool and silk, it has been created in the most adorable baby shades for girls and boys including gorgeous new born baby colours such as Piglet Pink and Cuddle blue and the most incredible fashion colours for babies and toddlers up to three years.
  • Cotton Silk DK
    Sublime Cotton Silk DK has an exquisite softness, a subtle lustre that comes from the silk and creates cool, light weight garments with an understated luxury for every day. It comes in a blend of 75% cotton and 25% silk and has a simple 2-fold construction – the perfect fold to keep the yarn soft and luxurious. This is a standard double knitting weight and will knit to all the Sublime DK design books and leaflets.
  • Egyptian Cotton DK
    A gorgeously lustrous yarn created for Sublime using the finest cotton from the most beautiful plantations in Egypt. This exceptionally soft and smooth double knitting yarn creates hand knits and crochet projects with incredibly clear stitch definition for women, men, children and babies – and comes in a palette of breathtaking colours designed to work together, beautifully. Sublime Egyptian cotton dk is machine washable and easy care. 100% Cotton
  • Evie
    Sublime Evie is made for Sublime in Italy using the finest Make cotton. It is the most wonderfully soft yarn you are ever likely to feel! We have selected a palette of fresh, punchy shades and classic neutrals that work wonderfully on their own as well as in the most stunning colour work pieces. The lightweight nature of Sublime Evie means that it is perfect for layering on those cooler Summer days.
  • Extra Fine Merino Lace
    This extra fine merino lace is made in Italy from the softest & finest merino wool. This gorgeously light yarn creates delicate wraps and scarves that whisper softness and the most exquisite lace garments imaginable. This incredible yarn comes in sophisticated, smoky greys and gentle naturals as well as the most luxuriously bright shades
  • Extra Fine Merino Wool DK
    Sublime Extra Fine Merino Wool DK is spun in Italy from the very finest quality merino wool fibres. This luxuriously smooth yarn gives wonderfully clear stitch definition, creating beautifully textured knits and its machine washable too.
  • Extra Fine Merino Worsted (Aran)
    Extra Fine Merino Worsted (Aran) Using the softest 100% extra fine merino wool, this yarn has been spun for Sublime in Italy in a beautifully surrounded and muli-ended construction. Sublime yarns come in the most incredible colour collections and for this yarn, they have chosen the most exquisite, classic shades and the most inspiring, fresh and youthful colours for modern crafters to explore their colour curiosity.
  • Natural Aran
    This fabulously woolly Aran yarn is made for Sublime in Yorkshire, England using 100% wool in eight terrifically British colours – the most perfect Aran cream, a classic flannel grey and six intense, bold and modern shades. This classic Aran yarn knits to all Sublime Aran designs and creates gorgeously modern, classic hand knits for children, women and men…with fabulous English style.
  • Pheobe
    Pheobe Made for Sublime in Italy using an incredibly light and luxurious blend of 94% extra fine merino wool and 6% nylon blend, Sublime Phoebe is crafted with a light-as-air knit construction to add a touch of modern softness. Perfect for huge and luxurious scarves, hats and the cosiest hand knits imaginable, this gorgeous chunky merino yarn gives you all the warmth you need for winter, without the weight. Phoebe comes in a collection of modern colours.
  • Sublime Willow
    Sublime Willow is a truly gorgeous tweed effect yarn. Not only does Willow come in 6 beautiful tweedy shades, including rich autumnal hues and softer tones of blue and grey, but it is air-spun making it incredibly light and comfortable to wear. Willow is ideal for breath-taking garments, accessories and homewares.
  • Superfine Alpaca DK
    This exquisite, luxury yarn is made for Sublime in Peru using 100% superfine alpaca – this yarn is perfect for creating hand knits with the softest and most luxurious touch. We launch this alpaca yarn with 6 of the most beautifully understated, classic colours for women, men, baby and home knits. Alpaca is the most incredible, natural fibre that keeps you cosy in winter and cool in spring. Create Sublime softness in the extreme.

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